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Curly Coated Retriever

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Male: 80-100; Female: 70-90 lbs
Male: 25-27; Female: 23-25 inches
Black or Liver
The Curly Coated Retriever is one of the oldest Retrieving breeds. Developed in England, this breed was a favorite of English huntsmen who admired their gentle retrieving capabilities. Curly Coated Retriever's are extremely popular in New Zealand and Australia. However, they are quite uncommon in the United States and are difficult to acquire.
A breed of courage, perseverance, and grace, the Curly Coated Retriever has an indomitable field ability. They are sturdy, muscular, well-built, and balanced. The Curly Coated Retriever breed is a self-confident and elegant show, hunting, and companion dog.
The Curly Coated Retriever is loyal, affectionate, and sensitive. This breed does well with children, other dogs, and pets. They are aloof and reserved with strangers, but will only show aggression if they sense threatening danger. Curly Coated Retriever's are an extremely well-mannered breed, proud, and friendly.
The Curly Coated Retriever breed requires minimal grooming. Occasional brushing will suffice. The Curly Coated Retriever should only be bathed when absolutely necessary using a mild shampoo. It is important that there be no damage to the coat. Regular checking of the ears for debris or infection is recommended. This breed is prone to eye problems, epilepsy, and hip dysplasia.
The coat of the Curly Coated Retriever is unique and distinctive. The coat on the body is a mass of thick tight, small curls that lay close to the skin. The coat on the feet, face, and forehead is smooth, short, and straight. The coat is water and weather resistant. The Curly Coated Retriever breed is an average shedder.
The Curly Coated Retriever breed is sensitive, independent, and has a tendency to be stubborn. Early socialization and obedience training is crucial. It is important that training sessions be short and varied as they become bored quite easily. Curly Coated Retriever's do not respond to harsh or heavy-handed methods. Training must be done with firmness, fairness, and consistency.
Curly Coated Retriever's are not recommended for apartment living. They thrive on outdoor activity but must be indoor companions. They do best in a rural setting. The Curly Coated Retriever needs an inordinate amount of physical exercise and mental stimulation. They enjoy and excel at swimming, tracking, retrieving, agility, as watchdogs, and competitive obedience.
Help reduce the number of Curly Coated Retriever puppies in shelters by doing your due diligence. Many puppies are often purchased with little or no knowledge of what goes into parenting one. Uneducated decisions often leave the puppy in need of adoption and in the care of rescue groups. Bringing home a puppy into your family has many benefits but we first implore you to educate yourself. An informed decision will take into account the characteristics of the breed, your lifestyle, expected veterinary care, the demands and limitations of owning one, their activity requirements and levels of companionship required.
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Anonymous asked:

10/27/2010 3:22:10 AM

10/27/2010 3:22:10 AM

The Curly Coated Retriever I have come across have been very snappy. Is this in the breed or... The Curly Coated Retriever I have come across have been very snappy. Is this in the breed or poor dog training?



I give 5 out of 10 to training of Curly Coated Retriever dog. so its a moderate dog in ease of training.
5/8/2011 1:00:56 PM


Must be how he/she is trained. We have a male with 4 young boys and he is the BEST dog! He is very gentle with the kids and when he's had enough, he just goes to his kennel or his pillow and lays down. He did get snippy with son #3, but our son just wouldn't leave the dog alone, but after a while, we got them both "trained" =).
9/18/2012 10:38:00 PM

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