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The Chihuahua is the smallest of all breeds and has the distinction of being the oldest breed in America. They were named after the Chihuahua region in Mexico. It is believed that this breed descended from ancient breed that was larger in size and highly prized by Aztec royalty. The Chihuahua of today has a very fine bone structure, but are actually quite muscular.
The Chihuahua is a very individualistic breed. They each have their own unique personality, so only a few generalizations can be made. They are commonly referred to as a "Chi". They are energetic, graceful, and display a human-like expression. Their life span is the longest of any size dog.

Does your Chihuahua bark, howl, and cry whenever you leave the house? Separation anxiety is extreme anxiety experienced by your dog when you are away from him.
The Chihuahua is deeply devoted and fiercely loyal. They typically become extremely attached to one or two people. They are bold, fearless, and highly protective of their masters. They thrive on inordinate amounts of attention. The Chihuahua is by nature gentle, loving, and sweet-tempered. They are wary of strangers and make excellent watchdogs. This breed is not well suited for children or other pets. However, they are sociable with their own kind. Chihuahuas are excellent companions in the right circumstances.
The Chihuahua requires minimal grooming. The Smooth coat variety requires only occasional brushing. The Long coat variety should be brushed several times a week with a soft bristle brush. Both varieties only need bathing once a month using a mild shampoo. Special care must be given to not get water into their ears as they are prone to ear infections. Dental hygiene is a must to prevent tooth loss. The health issues that affect this breed include slipped stifles, open font or soft spot, eye problems, and heart disease. The Chihuahua does not tolerate cold climates and must be protected when taken outside.

If your dog is displaying behavior uncharacteristic of his normal actions, call the Vet.
The Chihuahua coat comes in two varieties: The Smooth and Long coat. The Smooth coat has a glossy, soft, and close coat which is full textured over the entire body, but quite scanty on the head and ears. The Long coat has a soft, longer coat that can be slightly curly or flat. This variety does have an under-coat. Either coat type comes in a variety of colors such as fawn, brown, black, and white. The coat may be solid in color, marked with splashes of color, or tri-color. They are an average shedder.
The Chihuahua can be difficult to train, but with patience, love, and consistency do well. They respond best to positive reinforcement. Chihuahuas can be housetrained by either the crate method or the paper training method. Early, extensive, and intensive socialization is an absolute must for this breed. Teaching your dog to sit, lie down, and stay is vital to the training of your new puppy. There are several accepted methods of house training your new Chihuahua puppy. Consider crate training if you need to adapt your dog to a safe and confined environment for various safety and comfort reasons.
The Chihuahua is an excellent apartment or condominium dweller. The majority of their exercise needs can be met indoors with toys or play sessions. However, they greatly enjoy going with their owners and benefit from daily walks. Using a harness is recommended instead of a leash is best given their delicate neck and bone structure. Socialization is one of the single most important things you can do for your puppy.
6 lbs
6-9 inches
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Anonymous asked:
Is there anything I can do if my Chihuahua mated with another breed other than another Chihuahua? If she has only been in heat for a week can she still get pregnant?



On average a dog will be in heat for 3 weeks, however, it can be longer or shorter. The first stage of heat, in which the dog is actively bleeding will last 3 - 10 days, the second stage, in which the bleeding will stop and she will excrete a clear or pink mucus will last 3 - 7 days (this is the time she can get pregnant) and the last stage, in which she could bleed again, or not but her vulva remains enlarged can last 3 - 10 days.


Some heats have lasted 45 days, but that is very rare. If your dog has mated, in which a tie has happened (meaning that the male dog has become attached to the female, ie: tied) then pregnancy is most likely going to happen. If you do not wish for your dog to have puppies which you'll have to put up for sale or for adoption, then an emergency spay or E-Spay needs to happen. Consult your Vet as to the next opening he has for a surgery so you can get the E-Spay done ASAP. Please note, that if an E-Spay does happen, then your dog will be spayed and she can no longer have puppies in the future.

Anonymous asked:
My 4-year-old baby girl Chihuahua just had her first litter and she had 5. However, one passed away 3 days after birth. Is that considered a large litter for her first litter of puppies? She and the dad of the puppies are both long hair. She weighs 5.2lbs and he weighs around 5.5-5.8lbs. She had 3 normal coloured babies and one completely light grey one. I have never seen a 100% grey Chihuahua before. Is this normal? Also, I am selling the puppies and have no idea what to sell my grey one for if it's rare. Also, the parents are both registered and the grey one is a female. Please help me. And I am fixing her. I just decided to breed her this one time. I could use all the help I can get. I appreciate the help.



A Chihuahua's average litter size is 3 - 5 puppies, so 5 is considered normal to large for the size of the dog. I am sorry you lost a puppy, but unless you take the puppy to a vet for a necropsy, no one will know why the puppy passed away. But most likely it was Fading Puppy Syndrome. Grey puppies can happen, though you are right as it is not common. If you are registering the litter, then the puppies can be sold between $500.00 - $750.00. But if you aren't going to register the litter of puppies, then you should sell them for what it would cost for an average spay/neuter (between $150.00 - $250.00). This gives you the knowledge that the new puppy owner can afford a spay/neuter and you know they are going to a good home.


'Grey' is not a Chi color - the color you are describing is most likely blue and yes it is normal, it just depends on what parents coat colors have in their lines.

Anonymous asked:
Angel my Chihuahua has a double fag tooth. She chews bones all the time and it is not coming out?

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Her puppy tooth is impacted and needs to be surgically removed. It is time for a vet visit to have your dog checked out.

Anonymous asked:
How are Chihuahuas with newborn babies? Can a Chihuahua puppy get acclimated to no longer being the center of attention? What about an older Chihuahua vs a puppy? Are there any differences in their demeanor?



A well bred, well socialized and well trained Chihuahua should have no problem becoming accustomed to having a new-born in the house. But make sure that you start off slow and allow the dog time to adjust as well as have a place to go when all the baby-craziness is too much for him/her. A puppy would adjust faster than an adult dog, but raising a puppy and a baby at the same time is a lot more work then you think, I would not recommend it.


My chihuahua and my son were only a year apart. When we brought our baby home she was very curious but we never shooed her away from the baby and as they both grew they became the best of friends.


My little puppy loves kids! He used to chase the neighbors kids down the street on their bikes then they would chase after him. He was about 2 at the time. He loved it! My niece at 2 years old loves my Chihuahua and my little girl who after 13 yrs just died of renal disease on March 29th. She would play with my little boy and play with all his babies (toys) all around him. He would give her kisses and stuff. My niece is now 5. Took my little boy to the flea market and he was walking on his leash when the kids walked by going the opposite direction and he started following them lol. He loves little kids! Looking for another little Teacup Chihuahua in July for him to fill the void.

Lalalee334 asked:
Is the male or female Chihuahua bigger in size?



On average, the male of the Chihuahua breed will be slightly larger. But females can be larger if the genetic's are right. It all depends on the parents and the lineage of the puppy. The size of the dam and sire of your pup will normally determine the size of your pup when he/she is an adult.


Size genetics dictate that regardless of the size of the parents, they can and will produce large, medium, and small Chis. Some lines do seem to produce on average larger or smaller dogs. That being said, quite often as the male fills out and develops muscle mass, they tend to be a little larger when full grown.

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