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Cesky Terrier Breed Information

Breed Group: Terrier

Weight: Male: 18; Female: 15.5 lbs

Height: Male: 11.8; Female: 11 inches

Color(s): Gray, gray-blue with tan, yellow or white furnishings, light mocha


The Cesky Terrier's are sometimes referred to as the Bohemian Terrier, the Cesky Terrier was developed by geneticist Frantised Horak in the Czech Republic. Several crossbreedings of the Scottish and Sealyham Terriers produced the Cesky. This breed is quite rare in North America but enjoys popularity in their homeland, Germany, Holland, and other Scandinavian countries.


A sturdy, low-set Terrier, the Cesky is longer than tall. The Cesky Terrier breed is tough, hardy, and possesses great stamina. They are extremely agile, hard working, and avid hunters. They are an elegant and enthusiastic breed.


Selectively bred to be less aggressive than most Terriers, the Cesky Terrier is a devoted and loyal companion. They do well with people of all ages and other dogs. The Cesky Terrier breed does not do well if left alone for extended periods of time and will become destructive if lonely or bored. They are extremely well-mannered and eager to please. They are loving, affectionate, pleasant, and calm. This breed has a very protective streak which makes them a good guard dog. The Cesky Terrier makes a wonderful companion.


Cesky Terrier's require coat trimming on a regular basis. Brushing and combing should be done twice weekly. Trimming of the hair in the ear passages and between the paw pads is necessary. The Cesky Terrier has no major hereditary diseases. They are prone to a non-life threatening issue known as Scottie Cramp which can restrict movement.


The Cesky Terrier breed is a single coat breed. The coat is soft, silky, and wavy. To be presented in show, the coat is trimmed short on the back leaving thick eyebrows, beard, and long leg furnishings. Cesky Terrier's shed little to no hair.


The Cesky Terrier demonstrates intelligence and obedience. However, they also have a stubborn streak. Socialization and obedience training are recommended. Training must be done with fairness, firmness, and consistency.


The Cesky Terrier breed does well in an apartment provided they are sufficiently exercised. They enjoy long walks, are good jogging companions, and enjoy free play in a securely fenced yard.


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Updated: 10/26/2014
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