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Breed Information

Breed Group: Herding

Weight: Male: 45-55; Female: 35-45 lbs

Height: Male: 20-24; Female: 19-23 inches

Color(s): may be either predominantly white with mask with or without additional color patches, or solid color with or without white trim.


An ancient breed, the Canaan Dog originated in the Middle East in 2200 B.C. They were used to herd and guard for the Israelites. This breed was also used extensively during and after WWII for guarding, tracking, and patrol. Today the Canaan Dog still performs these duties. Once a rare breed they are now firmly established in Israel, Western Europe, England, and the United States.


The Canaan Dog is well balanced, strong, and of medium-size. This elegant breed is extremely resilient and possesses endurance and stamina. They are agile, athletic, and hard working. They have keenly developed senses of smell and hearing which enables them to become instantly alert to danger.


Considered to be a Primitive breed, the Canaan Dog is highly intelligent, loyal, and deeply devoted. They have a strong tendency to become overly attached to their family, and are exceedingly suspicious and wary of strangers. They make good guard dogs but do bark excessively. This breed does not do well if left alone for extended periods of time. They do best in a home with older considerate children. The Canaan Dog is not suited for a home that has a same gender dog, cats, or other small household pets. Due to their herding heritage they will attempt to perform this task on anything and everything that moves. The Canaan Dog is not recommended for the novice, apathetic, or sedentary owner.


This breed is virtually maintenance free. Once a week brushing will suffice; with extra care given during seasonal shedding. Bathing or dry shampooing should be done when necessary. The Canaan Dog is prone to such health issues as patella luxation, eye problems, hip and elbow dysplasia, and hypothyroidism.


The Canaan Dog is a double coat breed. The outer coat is harsh, straight, flat, and short. The under coat is soft and dense. The color of the coat comes in two distinct patterns: white with mash, and solid colored with or without white trim. Solid coat colors range from black, sandy, red, liver, and all shades of brown. This breed is a seasonal heavy shedder.


It is vitally important to remember that the Canaan Dog is a primitive breed. They are slow to mature, independent, and stubborn. This breed requires an experienced owner and trainer. Early socialization and obedience are an absolute must. Canaan Dogs will not respond to harsh or heavy-handed methods but does need to be shown who is dominant. Training must be done with firmness, respect, fairness, patience, and consistency. They are easily bored with repetition.


The Canaan Dog requires an inordinate amount of strenuous physical exercise as well as mental stimulation. They greatly benefit from working, herding, and family play sessions. This breed makes an excellent walking, jogging, and hiking companion. They do best in a home with a large safely fenced area where they are able to romp and run freely. Canaan Dogs will do okay in an apartment provided they are given sufficient exercise, attention, and stimulation.


Help reduce the number of dogs in shelters by doing your due diligence. Many puppies are often purchased with little or no knowledge of what goes into parenting one. Uneducated decisions often leave the puppy in need of adoption and in the care of rescue groups. Bringing home a puppy into your family has many benefits but we first implore you to educate yourself. An informed decision will take into account the characteristics of the breed, your lifestyle, expected veterinary care, the demands and limitations of owning one, their activity requirements and levels of companionship required.

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